Oct 29, 2019


So, Keep it Kinky has been dormant for a while. Here's part of the reason why...

I got pretty sick at the start of the year and decided to relax my hair, for a while. it was not my best move. I really should have just done a low hairstyle but instead, I relaxed. I just didn't feel confident without hair, given my horrible adult acne. So, after a few months and improving health, this is the transitioning result (about 2 months post relaxer).

My newly transitioning hair in September 2019

Before this, I went through a range of styles, all of which I could never capture here, but I placed a 2-year recap to show some of my length-revealing styles and a couple of protective styles.

2019 Relaxed Styles

2018 Natural Hairstyles

October 2018 - Stretched Puffed out Twist-out


February 2018 - Puffy Wash n Go on 4c Hair

August 2018 - French Roll Updo into a Twist-out

October 2017 - Natural cornrows with hair added to back

Sept 2017 - Sept 2018

2016 was about that Tapered Afro life


Well, I'm headed back to square 1 - transitioning all over again. So, obviously, I didn't "Keep It Kinky" before. But, I won't let that halt my goals. The relaxed hair served it's the purpose of giving me a break from any real hairstyling. Hopefully, I will be able to keep up with my natural hair this time around - with good health! Stay tuned.

Feb 3, 2014

MONDAY MUSIC | My Day by Taurus Riley

In case  you haven't noticed by now, we love ourselves some Taurus Riley over here at Keep It Kinky. We hope you love his music too since he provides today's Monday Music today with his music video for My Day. Watch it below.

Seven Makeup Brushes that Every Beginner Should Have

by Nicole of Nicole Webster Makeup

As a beginner to makeup, it is easy to get overwhelmed with all the makeup brushes out on the market today.  You can find a brush to do almost anyting! How do you know which ones to choose? Do you really need that particular brush? How do you use that particular brush?

Below you will find the top seven brushes I recommend every beginner start with, along with some tools and one brush that is great but can be tricky.

1) Big Powder Brush: Because of the fullness and  density of a big powder brush,  it is great for for applying soft loose and pressed powders all over the face & body.  The larger and fluffier the brush, the more defused the powder will be when applied to the face.

Tip: Use outward sweeping motions for a light coverage and application, this technique is great for those with dry skin. Use patting motion by pressing the powder into the skin for a medium to full coverage.

2) Angled Blush Brush: Not only is this brush great for applying blush to the cheeks,  but because of its angled cut, it is great for highlighting and contouring as well.  This brush creates a more pronounced sculpted application, applying  the color beautifully with stronger pay off.

Tip: With the angle of the brush pointing down, begin to apply our blush from the highest point of your cheek (cheek bone) and blend the color downwards for a more natural look.

3) Stippling Brush: This unique duo fiber brush is perfect for applying cream, liquid, mousse or powder foundations. The synthetic fibers (white bristles) extend past the the black bristle (goat hair) which creates a silky appearance.

Tip: Coat the tips of the stippling brush with product and begin to stipple the foundation onto your face until well blended.  This technique will create a beautiful airbrushed complexion, without the airbrush machine! This brush is also great for applying bronzer and other powdered products by gently sweeping over the face or using circular motions.

4)  All Over Eye  Brush (medium eye shadow brush):  A good dense medium sized eye shadow brush is good for a strong color payoff on the lid. It can also be used to highlight under the brow.

Tip: For a sheer color application, sweep the eyeshadow onto the lid from left to right.  For a more intense look, pat/press the eye shadow onto the lid.  If you want even more intensity spritz your brush with a little water first then pick up your eyeshadow color and pat/press it onto the lid for a bold look.

5) Large Crease Brush:  Crease brushes are great for blending multiple colors on the lid, adding definition to the contours of the eye and applying all over sheer color. You want to get a large crease brush with medium density so it is dense enough to create contour but fluffy enough to blend out colors and harsh lines.

Tip: Place brush in the socket of the eye (crease) which is the space between the brow bone and eye ball.  Using wind shield wiper motions, sweep a shadow one or two shades darker than your skin tone back and forth, to add definition to the eye.

6) Angled Liner Brush:  This brush is great for filling in sparse brows and lining the eyes.  The angle gives more control and is great for when wanting to create a winged liner.  The bristles are synthetic which makes it great for cream and gel products.

Tip: spritz brush with a little water then dip brush into your favourite eye shadow color and apply to upper lash line.  The water sorta turns the powder into a liquid form and intensifies the color.

7) Lash Brow Groomer Brush:  With one end of the brush, you can groom and shape your eyebrows  and with the comb end of the brush you can declump your lashes if there is to much mascara on them, making your lashes nice and separated.

Tip: Use the comb to go through the brows and trim overly long strands of hair. The comb will give you more control and guidance when trimming brows.

Tools/supplies that come in handy

Makeup sponges is one of my favourite products to use when applying foundation.  They are simple to use, quick and gives a nice finish.  You can glide the product on or my favourite is to stipple the the foundation on with the sponge.  The corners of the sponge makes it great to get into hard to reach places, such as around the nose, under the eyes and mouth area.

Tip: If you spritz the sponge with a little water before using, it will absorb less product giving you more control on coverage.  Sponges can be washed with a mild soap and reused.

Cosmetic Q-tips are different from regular Q-tips because of the shape and how its made.  Cosmetic Q-tips has a pointy end and a flat oval end.  The cotton is more tightly wound, causing less shedding, which makes it perfect for smudging out eye liner, cleaning up makeup mistakes or even applying eye shadow.

Tip: Use the pointy end of the Q-tip to clean up your winged liner and give it a more precise look. You can also dip the cosmetic Q-tip into some liquid makeup remover for cleaning up any unwanted makeup mistakes.

An eyelash curler can make a world of a difference.  It instantly adds lift and opens up the eyes. Making the lashes look fuller and longer.

Tip: Apply a thin coat of mascara, curl lashes then apply two more coats of mascara.  This technique will hold the curl all day.

The Foundation brush is a great brush for applying liquid and cream foundations, however it can tend to leave streaks (stroke marks) when not used correctly.  When using this type of brush you want to use it in one direction, pulling down following the natural growth pattern of the hairs on your face.  Going against the hairs and sweeping the brush across can leave your foundation looking patchy, streaky and hard to blend.

Tip: This brush is also great for applying your day cream, serums and or primer before makeup application

Nicole Webster  is a professional makeup artist based in Calgary, Alberta in Canada. She is also the beauty Editor for KiK Magazine and regularly writes for the KiK blog and Beauty in Confidence.

Jan 31, 2014

Foodie Fridays | How to Cook Caribbean Baby Pak Choi With Salted Cod (Saltfish)

Healthy meals can be easy and quick. Today's tasty Caribbean meal packs in an extra serving of vegetables in a super-tasty way. Watch the tutorial below to see how it's done. The tutorial for preparing salted cod follows.

Salted cod is often referred to in the Caribbean as saltfish. It is simply fish that has been preserved in salt. It cannot be used straight out of the package as it will make just about any dish unbearably salty. The video below will show you how to prepare your salted cod/saltfish for use.

Jan 29, 2014

How to do the Easy Twisted Bun on Natural Hair

1. After detangling your natural hair, create a puff.


2. Create loose individual twists using the hair from the ponytail. 
2. Loosely shape and pin each twist to create the height and volume you need. 

Want a style that will last all day? Try these tips.

  • Create your bun the night before and tie your hair down to help the front of the bun set and prevent flya-ways. 
  • Use a no-flaking gel like Eco Styler Gel to help fly-aways lay down.
  • Add extension hair to the ponytail for a bigger twisted bun.

Happy styling!

Jan 27, 2014

How to do a Sophisticated Natural Hair Bun in 5 Minutes

Easy Natural/Stretched Hair Bun

This simple bun is quick and easy while being perfect for a myriad of events.  The bun can be done in under 5 minutes and is perfect for stretched hairs.

Jan 20, 2014

Monday Music | Them Island Boyz ft Jah Cure - Kiss Me Girl

Today's Monday Music comes from Them Island Boys featuring Jah Cure. Enjoy the music below. 

You probably know Jah Cure for hits like Unconditional Love, Never Find and Ghetto Life. We've featured him many times on KiK so if you like this song, check out more of his music here and here

Jan 17, 2014

How to Apply 9 Different Eyeliner Looks

9 Ways of Lining Your Eyes

I love trying out new things on the weekend. Lately, I've been playing with eye liners as a way to define my eyes behind my new chunky frames. Check out the video below to see a demo of how you can line your eyes in 9 easy and simple ways that create a bit more drama and sass on your next night out.

Jan 5, 2014

Quick Natural Hairstyle, 2014 Hair Resolutions and Length Check

Quick natural, transitioning or relaxed hair protective hairstyle

I've recently become obsessed with this new hairstyle since the end of 2013. It's quicker than a bun. Yup. It's faster to get done than a bun and can be done on any texture of loose hair or twists. 

Quick natural, transitioning or relaxed hair protective hairstyle
Quick natural, transitioning or relaxed hair protective hairstyle

Watch the tutorial for the hairstyle below. 


Well it's 2014 and time to make some changes. Some of you may know that I have committment issues with my hair. Typically, I get the itch for a significant change like going natural, locking, cutting or relaxing after just 2 months and I usually cut my hair all off every 2 years. Well, this is the year that I plan to:

  • Not cut off my hair. (The hardest challenge)
  • Not lock my hair.
  • Do massive amounts of protective styling.
  • Transition from my relaxer without big chopping. 
  • Deep condition every 2 weeks.
Wish me luck! LOL

Length Check

Picture Length Check

The picture above shows my blow-dried hair at the end of 2013. I wasn't the best to my hair this year but I surely retained some length. Although I'm transitioning and will be trimming occasionally in 2014 and look forward to doing another length check at the end of 2014. 

Jan 2, 2014

The 30-Day Jamaican Green Smoothie Challenge – An Introduction


“Glutton’s Guilt” is what I call the feelings and thoughts that come a few days after all the holiday dinner parties have ended. The normal response is to make a New Year’s resolution about a new diet or an exercise programme for weight loss. But, let’s be practical for 2014. Instead of making empty promises to ourselves, let’s take on a challenge. I dare you to take on a healthy habit: drinking a Jamaican Green Smoothie every day for 30 days - starting today!

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to transform your life! Green Smoothies are a proven and effective way to:

  • Lose Weight
  • Detox & Cleanse Your Body
  • Improve Mental Clarity & Alertness
  • Kill Junk Food Cravings
  • Jump-start Your Immune System

"The 30-Day Jamaican Green Smoothie Challenge" doesn't ask you to make any other changes to your lifestyle - just add one cup of blended fruits and leafy greens to your regular daily meals. Participants receive weekly market lists and recipes (100% Jamaican), as well as Jamaican Green Smoothie Tips & Tricks. Plus, you will benefit from the energetic and informative support from other challengers in the Facebook group. All you need is a blender.

In The Jamaican Green Smoothie Facebook Group, you’ll benefit from:

  • Daily Inspiration
  • Motivational Quips
  • Jamaican Green Smoothie Tips & Tricks
  • Support from other Jamaican Green Smoothie Challengers
  • Jamaican Green Smoothie Deals & Steals

I'll be coming back once a week on keepitkinky.net to give you updates and tips and tricks. So, if you dare, you may sign up here to formally join th challenge. You will get:

  • Jamaican Green Smoothie Recipes for easy to find local leafy greens.
  • Jamaican Green Smoothie Recipes with easy to find local fruits.
  • Jamaican Green Smoothie Recipes using great liquids that are already in your kitchen.

This guest blog post was written by Didan Ashanta.

Didan Ashanta® is a Wife and Mother, Educator, Theologian and Counsellor, Writer, Plant-Based Recipe Developer & Globetrotter.
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